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EziFit Premium Combed Cotton U-Neck Short Sleeve Vest For Men

EziFit Premium Combed Cotton U-Neck Short Sleeve Vest For Men

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                To ensure Comfortableness for all-day long, we at EziFit are always chasing after organic fabric and premium quality. Hence, EziFit Short Sleeve vests are made with 100% Pure Cotton Fabric. Our product is produced using 100% natural seeds and no harmful materials, making our organic cotton products safer for the skin. The feature upgraded cotton fabric provides such a relaxed Fit with Cool, Super Soft, and Enhanced Breath ability that you might forget you are wearing them at all. Built with you in mind, the relaxed fit leads to a comfortable experience making you walk each step without distractions, relishing the moment.

The fabric’s moisture-wicking technology, make EziFit Short Sleeve Vests Quick Dry, Light Weight and Breathable that transmits the moisture and sweat away from the body, diffuses it on the fabric surface, and enables this moisture easy for air dry, eliminating odors while ensuring No Skin Irritation and No Chaffing. This ultra-cool, drier, and comfortable experience will make work with your body temperature for all day comfort.

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